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Helping Hands Food Pantry

Helping Hands Community

Food Pantry

When you visit First Presbyterian of Spring City, Tracy and Joyce will greet you with a big smile.  They spend hours each day in a hot kitchen preparing meals and washing dishes. Or you’ll find them in the Food Pantry, sorting food for our guests. 


Tracy and Joyce moved to Spring City, in response to a family emergency. They came to support a sick relative and they ended up staying here. When they needed food, Helping Hands Food Pantry was there for them. Soon, they began going to community meals and then Sunday services (even though Tracy was sure he would never attend a church again). Within months, they began working five days a week at the Pantry, bringing along their grandson. 


“You were there for us,” Joyce says, “now we want to be there for others.”


Tracy nods in agreement and adds, “This place is our family.”


Tracy and Joyce are a part of a crew of amazing volunteers who work day in and day out to keep the pantry open. They serve about 1,125 people, which makes up about 60 percent of Spring City. 


Each Wednesday night, you’ll find church members and other volunteers, serving meals or food to the community. They deliver food to migrant farm workers. They work with neighboring churches so that they have distribution centers at their sites. And they provide pastoral care, praying with people as they face surgeries, illness, and family issues. 

Helping Hands serves 1,124 people, which is about 47 percent of the population of Spring City. 
Monthly expenses:
  • $1,400 a month for food
  • $70 a month for fresh produce
  • $160 for delivery
If you'd like to be a part of this important ministry, we would love for you to volunteer or donate.
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