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Chae Frandberg, Administrative Assistant

Chae Frandberg has been working at First Presbyterian Church Spring City since April of 2014. She has lived in Spring City since 2008.  She lives with two rescued dogs and claims all the wild birds who come to feed on the bird feeder as our birds.  She enjoys reading and having friends over for dinner.  Her other hobbies are jewelry making and working fused glasses and many other crafty things.  "I love the opportunity to work to serve the Lord in my small way, and enjoy working with members of Spring City FPC," Chae says. "I look forward to working at Spring City FPC for many years to come."


Georgette Boozer, Director of Helping Hands Food Pantry

Elder Georgette Boozer has been working as the Director of Helping Hands Community Food Pantry since June 2016.

In her spare time, Georgette sings in a band.


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